Doctor reveals what’s inside 30-year-old breast implant – leaving people ‘disturbed’

With the topic of cosmetic surgery often being a bit of a taboo, many people are often left with questions.

And for those strange-minded people who have ever wondered what the inside of a breast implant looks like then you’re in luck.

TikToker @drchiddy has shared the little-known insight with his 55,000 followers on TikTok – and not any old implant – one that’s 30 years old.

Whilst you’d assume that this niche video would initially gross its viewers – it’s done quite the opposite as interest evidently lay with more than just his followers – with views to date surpassing five million.

Jerry Chidester compared two silicone implants; one from 30 years ago versus the silicone implants used today.

He left users in shock with the viral clip and rare insight by ripping the item apart.

Sharing the video to the popular streaming platform, the surgeon captioned the clip: “Check out THIRTY year old breast implants compared to today’s!!! Notice anything.”

In the video, Jerry, 40, started by tearing open the old implant as the runny gel falls out of the sack in a wet motion.

He then revealed a new ‘gummy’ implant, which he cut open with scissors, with none of the gel dropping out – and instead, it held its shape.

The clip immediately lefts viewers stunned – a lot of whom fled to the comment section to share their thoughts about it – with many users comparing the goo to slime.

One person wrote: “That’s not a silicone implant its slime.”

“How to make slime no borax no glue,” a second user penned.

“Did her body FRY them???,” wrote someone else.

“This disturbs me,” a fourth commented.

Videos of breast implants aren’t the only clips that have put Jeremy Chiddy in the spotlight, since his variety of videos have helped contribute to his healthy following on social media – and especially TikTok.

He originally started out as a hand surgeon in 2008, where he made a name for himself giving ‘mommy makeovers’ – and now he shares his knowledge and expertise on social media.

His following initially started to skyrocket after he posted other videos where he compared breast implants – including sharing an old implant from 1998 – which he’d recently removed.

If Jerry – otherwise known as ‘The Dancing Surgeon’ – has taught us anything – it’s that a large amount of us are interested in the peculiar ordeal no matter whether we like to admit it or not.