Aldi shopper in stitches after finding ‘boob marks’ in ice cream during heatwave

On a hot summer’s day, many people will often get creative when it comes to tips and tricks to cool themselves down – from putting their bedding in the freezer, to putting ice water in front of their fan.

Some might also enjoy an ice cream or two – but would you consider covering yourself in the sweet treat to beat the heat?

One Twitter user has left people in stitches after sharing a photo of a tub of vanilla ice cream they purchased from Aldi recently.

Posting under @CopWellbeing, the unnamed user showed how the inside of the tub had two round marks inside – and they joked that it looked like someone had “been dipping their boobies into it”.

The full post read: “It’s that hot in the UK today that I’ve just opened a fresh tub of vanilla ice cream from @AldiUK and someone has been dipping their boobies into it.”

Their tweet garnered plenty of attention, with hundreds liking and commenting – and even Aldi got involved in the conversation.

The official Aldi account retweeted the post, writing: “Not the worst idea we’ve ever heard.”

One person replied to say that they thought it looked more like “a Minion” than breasts.

Someone else posted: “New product in the making?”

A third joked: “FFS Aldi you said you wouldn’t sell the tub afterwards.”

“One to try later,” shared a different user. “I guess, never say never…”

This comes after Aldi went viral for their rather rude-looking Peppa Pig ice creams.

A customer named Kieth took to Twitter to share a snap of the sweet treat, which is shaped like the popular children’s cartoon character.

However, he couldn’t help but noticed the ice cream design had a rather X-rated flaw – as he thought Peppa’s arm was unfortunately placed to look like a penis.

In a post online, he shared a snap of the lolly, writing: “@AldiUK I was very happy to see these in your supermarket, but perhaps not as happy as Peppa is…”

The cheeky tweet has had many people in stitches – as has the supermarket’s response.

Aldi’s official UK Twitter account retweeted the post, adding: “Keith that is an ARM.”

Their amusing reply has gone viral, garnering over 7,400 likes and hundreds of retweets.