Robert Saleh: Won’t put Sauce Gardner in position he won’t succeed, but he doesn’t have many

The Jets made cornerback Sauce Gardner the fourth overall pick in this year’s draft, so it’s not a big surprise that they have high hopes for him right out of the gate.

Gardner is expected to be in the starting lineup to begin his rookie season despite the team’s contention that he still has to earn a role in their defense. Head coach Robert Saleh made that contention, but other comments he made were more suggestive of the way that the team views the cornerback.

One of those saw Saleh saying that the team wouldn’t put too much on Gardner’s plate before adding that he wasn’t sure you could ask too much of the rookie.

“The kid can do it all,” Saleh said, via Ryan Dunleavy of the New York Post. “We won’t put him in a position where we know he won’t succeed. That’s a promise. But there’s not much of that in his game.”

Gardner is one of three Jets first-round picks this year and one of a number of young players they’ve brought in over the last few years that need to succeed if the Jets are going to break a playoff drought that stretches to 2010.