Woman blows minds with her curly hair washing method – as shampoo isn’t enough

With viral hair trends everywhere we look, we’re really not sure which ones are the best to try which can leave us feeling confused.

If you’re looking to try a curly-haired look though, one TikToker is setting the record straight.

The hair genius, curlyzia.xo on TikTok, has shared the ‘correct’ way to wash your hair, making your waves go super curly.

She wrote: “Wavy hair needs a bit of help & that’s ok. Learn how to get the best out of your natural texture.”

She then showed the results of this simple method, and her hair appeared to look slightly wavy.

But she then demonstrated another method which can potentially enhance the texture of your hair.

She demonstrated using a bowl and brush to wash her hair instead of in the shower.

Firstly she starts off by shampooing and conditioning her hair and then rinsing it in a bowl of water.

She then follows this with a leave-in conditioner, which she brushes through her hair before rinsing in a bowl of water.

Zia then towel drys her hair slightly before adding curl creme, mouse, gel and then she diffuses her hair to give it extra impact.

There is a clear difference between the results too, as her hair is bouncier and curlier in the second hair washing routine.

Other beauty fans rushed to the comments section to ask questions and share their thoughts.

One wrote: “This made me feel so validated because my hair does the same thing.”

Another said: “Girl same! I’ve got undercover curls!”

Others admitted they couldn’t be bothered to put that much effort in every day.

Someone else posted: “My hair might be more curly than I think, but I don’t have enough willpower to try new approaches yet!”